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World premiere in Hemmingen!

The Eisenmann complete system for the BMW F90 M5

After the eagerly awaited BMW F90 M5 was presented to the world public in April 2018, the sound optimization is now being carried out by specialists from Eisenmann Exhaust System GmbH. The bearish sound of the 4.4-liter V8 Biturbo is again significantly bassiger and sonorous by the Eisenmann exhaust system in all load conditions. Due to the special design of the exhaust system in conjunction with the electronic exhaust flap control performance is achieved over the entire speed range. The Eisenmann stainless steel rear muffler underlines its "shiny" appearance with tailpipes in the trend color "copper" in combination with genuine carbon fiber outer panels. This color scheme was realized for the first time on exhaust tailpipes.

Legal and with the blessing of the authorities, the rear silencer in 4-tube optics and the center silencer each with EC type approval (registration free) available.

For racing (racing / export only), a middle silencer replacement tube (sound tube) and downpipes as catalyst replacement are available as well as the rear silencer in racing execution.

Just in time for the company's 30th anniversary, Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH will be presenting this highlight to the world public on 17 May.

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