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Modular Adaptation System MAS


Mobile emission measurement according to the „plug & play“ principle

Since the 2015 diesel exhaust gas scandal, emission tests for passenger vehiclesin normal driving conditions have become mandatory. The test method for the „Real Driving Emissions“ (RDE), however, still poses major challenges for many manufacturers, test facilities and even measuring instrument manufacturers. The connection of the measuring device to different vehicle types with different exhaust systems is extremely complex. In some cases, the connection is a homemade concoction of silicone tubing and welded joints that cannot guarantee a fault-free measurement. As a long-standing expert on exhaust systems, Eisenmann Exhaust has considered this issue and developed a solution that is both simple and cost-effective, safe and versatile - the Modular Adaptation System (MAS).


Adaption 4-pipe exhaust system to a 2“ PEMS. Bypass PEMS device support and individual adjustment of the end tube distances to the left and right, exemplified.

A sophisticated system for precise particle measurement

The special feature of the Eisenmann MAS is its simplicity: the modular system consists of different pipes of different lengths and diameters, which are fixed together with pipe connectors and clamps. In this way, a connection solution for many common vehicle model can be assembled as well asdisassembled in a very short time. Special solutions are available on request. The silicone tube connectors keep the entire system flexible. However, their metal inlay prevents any potential particle falsification by dissolved plasticizer. For high-temperature applications of 180°C or higher, pipe connectors made of metal that can withstand higher surface temperaturesare also available. This is optimal if the measurement is conducted without a headwind on the test bench or in the active regeneration of diesel particulate filters. In this way you are well equipped for every application. Anyone who knows our sport mufflers knows our philosophy: Eisenmann has traditionally developed and manufactured to the highest qualitysince 1988 — without compromise. With the MAS, we use our know-how to make work for our customers and partners in the automotive industry even easier and more efficient.


The Modular Adaptation System from Eisenmann

The most important advantages at a glance:

• Modular system enables „plug & play“ application for many current vehicle models
• Quickly ready for use – typically 1 to 3 hours,depending on the vehicle model
• Laborious welding when attached to the tail pipe of the exhaust system will be reduced.
• No particle falsification, since gas piping consists entirely of metal
• Enables easy cleaning
• Also suitable for high-temperature applications
• Different pipe diameters, adjusted to calibrated measuring instruments
• Space-saving, since items can be combined
• Additional system protection during test drives
• Drain valve for condensate
• Successfully road-tested by renowned automotive and measuring instrument

The following options are available for selection:

Basis Kit 1 (Artikel Nr. MAS.00.00001)
Basis Kit 2 (Artikel Nr. MAS.00.00002). 

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