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Eisenmann has expanded their Classic program

For the Porsche G model from 2.7L 165 hp to 3.2L, an exhaust system was developed, which has an extra power of up to 24 hp and a torque of 20 N in the 3.2L. The engine converts this into sporty driving dynamics and overtaking becomes a pleasure. The performance was made possible by a manifold and an optimized rear silencer. The special feature of the fan headers is the tube diameter of 42 mm. At the same time they were designed as heat exchangers, so that the heating is maintained.

The rear silencer is available with different tailpipes: in the original look with 60 mm. Instead of the series tailpipe (diameter 60 mm), the tailpipe is also available with a diameter of 83 mm on the left, as a sport version with a tube left and right, each with a diameter of 70 mm. The exhaust system is also available as a 4-pipe with 70 mm tailpipe diameter.

For vehicles that have a standard catalytic converter, this is not a problem. It is possible to install sports catalysts with 200 cells. In the development, this was considered from the beginning.

The exhaust system has an EC component certificate and is available from 01.03.2017.

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