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Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH, Hemmingen, distances itself from current insolvency reports

The news that automotive supplier Eisenmann SE have filed for bankruptcy has also caused some irritation at the wholly uninvolved Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH in 71282 Hemmingen, Germany. "Of course we are sorry to have taken this message from the media, too,“ emphasizes Sarah Eisenmann, "it is never nice to take note of such news, and certainly not at the best time of holidays. Of course, we are in spite of - superficially considered - name similarity with the company concerned neither maintain a business relationship nor in any other way in connection with Eisenmann SE from Böblingen, Germany."

The fact that the company concerned seems to be operating as an automotive supplier initially led to some confusion and corresponding demands - also from the circle of employees and suppliers. "I can assure," states Sarah Eisenmann, "that we, as a solidly positioned, mid-sized company with 31 years of tradition, meet our payment obligations at all times. A single keyword - 'Automotive' - has already been enough to mislead us to be connected with the regrettable bankruptcy filing." She continues: "But we have to distance ourselves from that in all clarity, the bankruptcy does not affect us."

For more information on this matter, Sarah Eisenmann refers to her following contact details:

Sarah Eisenmann
Leitung Marketing & Vertrieb // Head of Marketing & Sales
Saarstraße 45 • 71282 Hemmingen • Germany
+49 7150 9574-0 +49 7150 9574-120
marketing@eisenmann-technik.de • www.eisenmann-exhaust-systems.de


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