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Active Sound Module by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems

The sports car sound for your vehicle

Today‘s engines are masterpieces of engineering: Modern downsized engines are replacing the large ones but still supply, with their turbochargers, the same HP at smaller displacement. That‘s good for efficiency, consumption, and the environment. But for many automobile fans it is less enjoyable, because engines don‘t sound authentic anymore. The quieter the engines become, the louder car fans call for a sports car sound. We hear them, and that‘s why we developed Eisenmann Active Sound – the actuator for solid sound at the push of a button. With our Active Sound Module we can recreate an authentic sports car sound even in modern downsized engines, and diesel and electric vehicles. This works by using a special controller to transform engine data such as RPMs and speed into frequencies, which are then played back by an actuator inside or outside. The loudspeakers of the patented actuator system are fitted with a carbon fibre membrane, so they are completely weatherproofed.


Brings the fun sound back to driving again

With the Active Sound Module your vehicle sounds solid and full again, just like it should. Because Active Sound is directly linked to the RPMs of your vehicle, so in every driving situation it delivers the perfect sound. If you or other drivers want to occasionally switch back to the „tame“ engine sound again, all that is necessary is to switch off the sound generator – with a simple push of a button. With a bit of basic knowledge and with our installation instructions, installation is easy: The Active Sound Module from Eisenmann is either connected directly to the existing exhaust system or mounted somewhere else on the underbody, as you wish, depending on the available space and without modifying the car. Alternatively, only the inside actuator can be installed. With such flexibility, our system can be used on virtually any vehicle type, and it can even be used on leased vehicles, for example. Active Sound is typical Eisenmann: Cleverly designed through and through. Manufactured in uncompromising quality – and „driven by sound“.

Active Sound from Eisenmann: your engine can sound this authentic

Look forward to an exciting sound experience in your vehicle:

• Voluminous sound, like in a sports car with big displacement
• RPM-dependent sound, to match any driving situation
• Authentic sound generation due to direct programming of the OEM controller
• OEM quality
• Easy installation possible
• Can be switched on and off anytime at the push of a button
• Remote control with multiple sound levels to choose from
• Individual control by APP

Available in the following construction variants:

• Installation of the actuator without any connection to the exhaust system; e.g. under the vehicle or in the spare wheel recess
• Actuator as component of the exhaust system with EC general operating license
• Depending on the space up to two actuators can be mounted
• Inside actuator
• Inside actuator and external actuator in combination possible

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